What is a cookie?

Cookies are the short text files that are saved on your computer or mobile device while visiting a website. It helps the website to remember the information about your visit, for example, the user name, language, font size and other settings, thus depriving you from having to input the similar account data each time when you visit the site. Cookies allow to improve the quality of service and website usability.

Use of Cookies / IP Address

We use the cookies to assess the traffic structure in order to detect which areas of our site are visited by users. For example, it is used to study your habits or preferences, identify problems, count the number of page visitors and collect the general demographic data. It helps us to improve our site and user service.
Vessoft uses Google Analytics for analysis of the website visiting. This system use the cookies and the information gained from cookies concerning the use of our website (including IP address) is transferred and saved on the Google servers.
You should look through the Google privacy policy if you want to get additional information about the avoiding of data collection, the use of cookies or other information.
We use Disqus which allows the users to discuss and comment the site content. To learn more about collecting your information by Disqus service, please check out the use of cookies and the Disqus privacy policy.

Advertising cookies

Vessoft works with the advertisers of the third parties to display the advertisements on our site. Some of these advertisements include cookies, which are used to track the user behavior. Vessoft doesn’t have any control or access to information contained in these cookies. If you want to obtain additional information about how the advertisers use the data collected by such cookies or how to refuse of its collecting you should look through the AdSense privacy policy.

Management of the cookies in a browser

Some people prefer not to allow cookies, that’s why most of the browsers give you the ability to manage the cookies on your own.
In the popular browsers you can set up rules to manage cookies for each individual site. This allows you to better control your own privacy. In other words you can disallow cookies from all sites except those that you trust.
Also certain browsers supports the incognito browsing mode of websites. All the cookies created in the incognito mode are deleted right after you close all the private windows.
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